Can I help you?

I develop communications strategy but I also execute tactics. I can develop a media strategy but also write a press release. Do you need a content strategy or someone to develop a piece of content? Are you looking for how best to integrate social media into your traditional communications or just need help to run a blogger outreach program? Complex strategies or simple projects? I can help you with both. These are some examples of projects and programs I have managed.

For EXTERNAL SOCIAL MEDIA created a social media Strategy. Developed a Content Strategy. Planned and executed a Blogger Relations/Key Influencer Outreach Program. Provided Social Media Counsel during a crisis. Launched an Executive Blog and a Brand Blog. Wrote Blog Posts. Introduced Social Media Monitoring.

In INTERNAL SOCIAL MEDIA helped define a social media Policy and Acceptable Intranet Usage Guidelines. Led Project Management for new Platforms and Tools. Created Training Material. Conducted Online Training. Planned coordinated and ran Workshops.

In CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS & DIGITAL PR developed Strategic Plans and Messaging. Benchmarked and improved Website Structure and Usability. Coordinated Compliance for Brand Identity, Data Privacy and other Standards. Wrote Press Releases and Speeches. Wrote for Online.  Integrated Social Media into “traditional” communication channels. Coordinated Video Production. Coordinated the company’s Corporate Internet and Online Media presence.

For INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS, INTRANET & CHANGE COMMUNICATIONS developed Strategic Plans and Messaging.  Defined Content Strategy. Defined Measurement Criteria. Improved Intranet Usability. Created Training Material. Led Online Training. Planned, coordinated and led Webchats & Workshops. Developed Presentation Material and ran Presentation Skills Training. Coordinated Video Production. Wrote for Online.  Curated Best Practices, News & Trends for digital & social media/business.

For COMMUNICATIONS PROCESSES gathered and documented Business Requirements. Led Digital Asset Management. Led Project Management for new platforms and tools. Coordinated Data Privacy and Information Life Cycle Management.