Some Endorsements From People I Have Worked With

“Keith is a very experienced and knowledgeable communicator who thinks strategically and understands corporate communications and brand management. Keith is a pioneer with regards to online communications and social media who always keeps the business or communications objectives in mind. He is a well-respected professional and colleague who became also the functions’ social media teacher and guru to go to for advice that he will always provide in the most supportive and helpful way. He is a true social media participant”

Dr. Karin Kirchner, Manager Corporate Communications at Chevrolet Europe, Glattbrugg, Switzerland

“Keith very quickly became my favourite client in the short time that we worked together. His knowledge of new and social media is obviously driven by a desire for life-long learning in the communications field and his ability to translate the new and scary world of Communications 2.0 into an organisation like GM and have it deliver an excellent return on investment from a reputation perspective was much admired. He will always be known as the first person to have the courage to launch a social media newsroom and I was only too glad to be a part of that. An excellent (perhaps essential) addition to any global organisation looking to make an impact on their communications and company reputation”

Justin Hayward, Head of Technology at MS&L Digital, London UK

“Keith really gets it. It’s a big disappointment to have a big idea and discover that Keith has already been there, done that, but at least you are guaranteed the benefit of his insights. And you will be told all with great good humour. He is a really helpful guy to know in this respect”

Peter Warne, Assistant Vice-President, IR Communication Services at Nestlé, Vevey, Switzerland

“I’ve known Keith since the early days of social media, when we worked together during his time at GM Europe helping employees understand what social media could do for them in their job’s. Keith had clarity of purpose and the insight that enabled him to clearly see what was practical for his organisation that went beyond what was cool. What Keith enabled with social media was foundational for what you see at Opel”

Neville Hobson, Communication Consultant, Business Writer and Podcaster, Wokingham, UK

“I worked with Keith for a number of years on GM’s corporate communications campaign. He is a clear expert in his field, very talented and has a great sense of professionalism. His ability to analyse situations and provide clear briefs helped us to provide targeted solutions to GM’s branding requirements. Working with Keith was really enjoyable as his pleasant personality combined with energy and passion made our business relationship fascinating and insightful. Clearly he is someone I would recommend without hesitation”

Chantal Mamboury, Sales Director at Newsweek, Geneva, Switzerland

“Keith is very knowledgeable about digital and social media and has a creative spirit. He championed GM Europe’s Digital Newsroom — one of the first of its kind. Keith knows how to work well with others and with senior levels of management”

Natalie Johnson, Senior Manager, Digital Communications & Social Media at The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, US

“Keith is one of the rare early digital natives and online masterminds who managed to be leading edge on any online-related communications topic in over a decade. It’s always a pleasure and enrichment to discuss the state of the online nation with him”

Andreas Eggimann, Head of Online Management at Die Schweizerische Post, Berne, Switzerland

“Keith is a real innovator. The social media newsroom he was responsible was the first of its type, and is an example of his real understanding of the fast-changing world of new media. This, combined with his long experience in industry, makes him most unusual; he is also a delightful guy”

David Bowen, Senior Consultant at Bowen Craggs & Co and Management Consulting Consultant, London, UK

“As a former client of mine managing internal and external communications for GM Europe’s department of Public Affairs, I found Keith to be not only the consummate professional in all of his business dealings – with an unshakeable focus on the objectives at hand – but also a true gentleman and a pleasure to deal with both professionally and personally”

John Holowaty, Central Region Sales Director at Sizmek, US

“Keith’s corporate communications and social media knowledge and skill always made a strong positive contribution when we worked together before my retirement. We collaborated on multiple online projects in support of GM in Europe, the U.S. and globally. He pays attention to details and manages projects from concept to completion with authority and diplomacy. On top of his high level of professionalism, Keith is one of those people who leaves others feeling happy to know and work with him”

Bill Betts, Manager Media Materials, Web Services, IT Public Relations at General Motors, Detroit, US

“Keith is a detailed oriented manager that keeps always calm and is clear about objectives. Working with him means: a real human touch within professional business”

Andre Reifenrath, Founder and Director at webserfice-first.com, Hamburg, Germany